Alexander Valerjevich Safonov

  • BS in Applied Mathematics and Physics (June 2006):
    BS Thesis: "Multicriteria Approach to Design/Upgrade of Communication Network",
    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)
    Faculty of Radioengineering & Cybernetics
    Advisor: Dr. Mark Sh. Levin
    (Presentation: 1st slide)

  • Publications & Talks

    1. Levin M.Sh., Safonov A.V., Improvement of regional telecommunications networks.
    Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics,
    vol. 56, no. 6, pp. 770-778, 2011. (Journal 2011'IF=0.383)
    (journal site)

    2. A.V. Safonov, M.Sh. Levin,
    New heuristic algorithm for multicriteria multiple choice knapsack problem.
    Proc. of ECCO XXIII-CO2010, Malaga, Spain, p. 47, May 2010.
    (conference site)

    3. Levin M.Sh., Safonov A.V.,
    Towards modular redesign of networked system.
    2nd Int. Congress on Ultra Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops
    ICUMT-2010, Moscow, 109-114, 2010.

    4. M.Sh. Levin, A.V. Safonov, Towards improvement of regional telecommunication network.
    Electronic Scientific Journal "Information Processes",
    vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 212-223, 2010 (in Russian).

    5. M.Sh. Levin, A.V. Safonov,
    Heuristic for multicriteria multiple choice knapsack problem.
    AI and DM, Issue 4, pp. 53-64, 2009 (in Russian)
    (journal site)

    6. A.V. Safonov, M.Sh. Levin,
    Towards Combinatorial Approach to Design of Configuration for Facilities of Communication Network
    Conf. of MIPT, 21-22, Nov. 2006.
    A.V. Safonov has received the 2nd place in competition of student's works/presentations,
    session "Infocommunication Technology"

    7. A.V. Safonov, M.Sh. Levin,
    Redesign of Configuration for Communication Network Facilities.
    6th Intl. Conf. CAD/CAM/PDM-2006, Inst. of Control Problems,
    Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Oct. 24-26, 179-183, 2006, (in Russian)
    (Article) (Presentation)

    8. A.V. Safonov, M.Sh. Levin
    Multicriteria Design/Upgrade of Communication Network (Multicriteria Multiple Choice Problem)
    Proc. of Intl. Conf. on Control Problems,
    Inst. of Control Problems, Russian Academy of Sciences,
    Moscow, Russia, June 2006, Vol. 2, p. 146

    9. M.Sh. Levin, A.V. Safonov, Design and Redesign of Configuration
    for Facility in Communication Network.
    Information Technologies and Computer Systems (Russian Academy of Sciences),
    Issue 4, 63-73, 2006 (in Russian)

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