Multicriteria combinatorial models in information-communication systems”

Mark Sh. Levin (Inst. for Information Transmission Problems; Febr. 17, 2011)    Email:  


Information-communication systems have modular nature (structure as network/graph, modular structure of network nodes, information servers, software, etc.).

Here the usage of combinatorial optimization problems has a long history (e.g., location of concentrators in network, routing, selection/assignment of frequencies/channels).

In recent several years, some publications are targeted to study of multicriteria combinatorial models in design and management of information-communication systems.

Generally, multicriteria method is a new approach (only the shortest path problem is examined as a multicriteria model since about 1989). Multicriteria approach is often based on a need to take into account many parameters/requirements/criteria (e.g., cost, reliability, effectiveness). In addition, it is reasonable to point out some properties of contemporary systems, for example:

(1)concurrent usage of many alternative technologies,

(2)multi-services modes.

It is necessary to note, that mainly applied domain specialists are considering application of multicriteria combinatorial models in information-communication systems. As a result, used models and algorithms are selected from well-known text-books or survey articles, which correspond to 1995…2000 years.


Our research project is targeted to examination and building advanced multicriteria combinatorial models which correspond to contemporary and perspective information-communication systems, including the following:

1.Multicirtieria spanning tree problems (extension of minimal spanning tree, Steiner tree) and usage of the problems for system design (e.g., design of network topology, routing, communication protocols).

2.Multicriteria hierarchical modular design (i.e., system configuration) of system  components (communication nodes, servers, software, networked control systems, etc.).

3.Multicriteria combinatorial evolution of components in information–communication systems (including standards, protocols).

4.Multicriteria redesign/improvement problems (system reconfiguration) for subsystems/components of information-communication systems (e.g., networks, communication nodes, servers).

5.Special classes of new combinatorial optimization problems as restructuring of combinatorial solutions while taking into account previous solutions.


Each research will consist of the following parts: applied problems, multicriteria combinatorial model (new model or combination of models), solving method, and applied example as a prototype.



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