Some Basic Topics and Application Domains

1. General Modular Design/Engineering
2. Hierarchical Modular Systems
2. Structured (modular) Development of Complex Software
3. Modular Manufacturing
4. Modular Design of Management Decisions
5. Modular Design in Civil Engineering
6. Modular Design in Electrical Engineering
7. Product Platforms and Product Families
8. Modularity in Chemistry (Combinatorial chemistry including drug design)
9. Mathematical Models of Modularity
10. Modularity in Mathematical Models
11. Modular Solving Strategies

Research Groups, Centers, etc.

1. Group of Prof. Andrew Kusiak (Dept. of Industrial Engineering, The Univ. of Iowa)
2. Composable System Group (Dept. of Computer Science, CMU)
3. Prof. Lilian Barros (Universite de Technologie de Troys, France).
4. Prof. John A. Gershenson, Laboratory of Life Cycle Engineering,
(Dept. of Mechanical Engineeirng, Michigan University of Technology)

5. Prof. Carliss Y. Baldwin (Business School, Harwand University)
6. Prof. Michel Tollenaere, GILGO-Laboratory (INPG, France)
7. Prof. Yuanfang Cai, (Dept. of CS, Drexel University)
8. Prof. Ron Sanchez, IMD Lausanne, Switzerland; Copenhagen Nusiness School, Dept. of Innovation and Organizational Economics, Denmark


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  • IEEE Trans. on SMC
  • IEEE Intell. Syst.& Their Appl.
  • J. of Mechanical Design
  • J. of Intelligent Manufacturing
  • Int. J. of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
  • International Journal of Production Research
  • Computer-Aided Design
  • Automation and Remote Control
  • Advances in Engineering Software
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