Societies and Organizations

  • Synthesis Engineering Education Coalition
  • National Coordination Office for Computing, Information, and Communications (including Integration for Manufacturing)
  • Swedish Morphological Society


    1. Morphological Analysis (Zwicky, 1969)
    2. Decomposition Synthesis for Optimal Systems Design (Dept. of ME, Univ. of Michigan)
    3. Formal methods for design (Braha and Maimon, 1998; Buede, 1999; Gero and Sudweeks, 1996; Kusiak, 1999; etc.)
    4. Axiomatic design aproaches
    5. Optimization on the basis of complex mixed integer non-linear programming (e.g., design / synthesis in chemical engineering) (Floudas, 1995; Grossman, 1990; etc.).
    6. Non-linear multicriteria (multiobjective) optimization (Miettinen, 1999; Statnikov, 1995; Steuer, 1986; etc.).
    7. Multidisciplinary optimization in aerospace and structural engineering (Alexandrov and Hussaini, 1997; Statnikov, 1999; etc.).
    8. Parameter Space Investigation (PSI) for the design of various complex systems and financial planning (Sobol, 1992; Statnikov and Matusov, 1995; Statnikov, 1999; etc.).
    9. Various methods of global optimization (Floudas and Pardalos, 1996; Floudas, 1999; etc.).
    10. Hierarchical system design (Booch, 1991; Harhalakis et al., 1992; Krasnoshekov et al., 1979; Liebish and Jain, 1992; Yourdan, 1975; etc.) and modular system design (Berman and Ashrafi, 1993; Huang and Kusiak, 1998; Levin, 1998; etc.)
    11. Design on the basis of grammar description for composable systems as in software engineering (Shaw and Garlan, 1996; etc.).
    12. Special artificial intelligence approaches on the basis of expert systems (knowledge based systems), e.g., R1 / MICON (Gupta et al., 1993; McDermot, 1982; Sykes and White, 1989; etc.) for computer engineering, VLSI design, etc. (Braha and Maimon, 1998; Gero and Sudweeks, 1998; etc.).
    13. The Design Structure Matrix (DSM) methods (MIT, etc.)
    14. Combinatorial Synthesis as Hierarchical Morphological Multicriteria Design (HMMD) Approach (Levin, 1998; Levin, 2006)
    15. Simulation based design.
    16. Multi-level logic synthesis
    17. Synthesis from component libraries (Yoad Listig, Moshe Y. Vardi)
    18. Hybrid methods
    19. Meta-modeling environments

    Some specific system design / intergration problems for hierarchical modular systems
    (from the viewpoint of "Combinatorial Engineering", Levin, since 1998):

    1. Basic system design:
    1.1. Design of system hierarchical (tree-like) model
    1.2. Design of a system as a wholeness.
    1.3. Synthesis or integration of a composite system.
    1.4. Multistage planning as the design of multistage
    (series, parallel-series) composite strategy.
    2. System improvement, reengineering:
    2.1. Detection of system bottlenecks (e.g., system components, group of components, system structure).
    2.2. Generation of system improvement actions.
    2.3. Scheduling of the system improvement actions.
    2.4. Aggregation of modular system solutions.
    3. Strategic system design (under uncertainty):
    3.1. One-stage strategic system design.
    3.2. Multistage system design.
    3.3. Combinatorial evolution of system, forecasting


  • Journal of Systems Integration (Kluwer/Springer)
  • Design Studies (Elsevier)
  • Research in Engineering Design (Springer)
  • J. of Engineering Design
  • IEEE Trans. on SMC
  • Proc. of the IEEE
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) (Elsevier)
  • Eur. J. of Operational Research (Elsevier)
  • IEEE Trans. Software Engineering
  • Concurrent Engineering: Research and Applications (Wiley)
  • Advances in Engineering Software (Elsevier)
  • Engineering Cybernetics
  • Systems Research
  • J. of the ORS
  • Decision Sciences
  • AI Magazine
  • ASME J. Mech. Design
  • Information Fusion (Elsevier)
  • Applied Intelligence (Springer)
  • Informatica (LI) (IOS Press)
  • Int. J. on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (Springer)

    Basic Applications

    1. Mechantronics
    2. Software
    3. Manufacturing Systemns (e.g, FMS)
    4. Electronic systems
    5. Computer Systems
    6. VLSI and Integrated Curcuit
    7. Combinatorial Chemistry (drug design, synthesis of materials in Chemistry and Biotechnology)
    8. Civil engineering
    9. Material engineeirng
    10. Socio-Economical Systems (plans, strategies, teams, etc.)
    11. Industrial Cyber Physical Systems "iCyPhy"

    Some Basic Models/Method (combinatorial, etc.)

    1. Multiple-Choice Problem
    2. Integer Quadratic Problem
    3. Integer Non-linear Programming
    4. Morphological Analysis (and its modifications)
    5. Design Structure Matrix (DSM) methods
    6. Morphological Clique Problem (within framework of Hierarchical Morphological Design approach)
    7. Mixed-Integer Nonlinear Programing
    8. Grammar models
    9. Meta-modeling
    10. Logical methods
    11. AI-techniques

    Research Centers

  • Stanford Center for Integrated Systems
  • C.A. Floudas (Computer-Aided Systems Lab., Princeton Univ.)
  • Panos M. Pardalos (Center for Applied Optimization, Univ. of Florida)
  • Research Group on Systems Integration (Dept. of Systems & Information Engineering, Univ. of Virginia)
    (transportation systems, wireless systems)

  • Inst. for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS), School of Engineering, Vanderbilt Univ.
  • Swedish Morphological Society (Tom Ritchey) (including projects, publications, etc.)
  • Ritchey Consulting
  • Prof. Hod Lipson, Cornell Computational Synthesis Lab CCSL (Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Cornell Univ.)
  • Graduate School of System Design and Management (Japan's Keio Univ., Tokyo)
  • Singapore University of Technology and Design SUTD (open doors: Apr. 2012)
  • Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Dept. of EE and CS, California Univertsity at Berkeley (multi-level logic synthesis, wireless sensor networks, design methodology, hybrid systems, embedded systems, VLSI design, Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems 'iCyPhy', systems of systems, etc.)
  • Prof. Richard M. Murray, Control and Dynamical Systems, California Institute of Technology (Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems 'iCyPhy', Networked Control Systems, Automatic synthesis of control protocols, etc.)

    Projects and Programs

  • Systems Integration for Manufacturing Applications (SIMA) Program (NIST)


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  • Electronic Preprints
    1. M.Sh. Levin, Morphological methods for design of modular systems (a survey). Electronic preprint. 20 pp., Jan. 9, 2012. [cs.SE]

    2. M.Sh. Levin, Multiset estimates and combinatorial synthesis. Electronic preprint. 30 pp., May 9, 2012. [cs.SY]

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