PROJECTS of Mark Sh. Levin

1. Research Projects:

1.1 Effective algorithms for scheduling problems under precedence constraints (tree-like precedence, precedence as parallel-series graph) (1976...1982)
1.2 Analysis and design of hierarchical software (1978...2000)
1.3 Combinatorial choice and assignment of facilities for communication networks (1983...1990)
1.4 Decision making as combinatorial approximation of information (1981...1990)
1.5 Quality analysis based on multicriteria decision making (1983...1989)
1.6 Access to information in networks (1989...1990)
1.7 Hierarchical design, analysis and improvement of decomposable (composite, modular) systems (1981...2000)
1.8 Partitioning/synthesis morphological macroheuristic for combinatorial optimization problems(2001...)
1.9 New models of proximity for structures (e.g., rankings, trees, graphs) (1988...)
1.10 K-Interchanging techniques for optimization over permutations (1997...)
1.11 Algorithm systems (1998...)
1.12 Combinatorial approach to multi-function system testing (2003...)
1.12 Synthesis of composite (modular) decisions (1992...)
1.13 Design of topology for networks (information-communications systems) (2004...)
1.14 Redesign and testing of networks (2006...)
1.15 Combinatorial modeling for evolution and forecasting of modular systems(2000...)
1.16 Combinatorial optimization in system configuration design (2008...)
1.17. Interval multiset estimates in combinatorial synthesis (and in combinatorial optimization) (2012...)
1.18. Decision support platform for modular/composite systems/alternatives (hierarchical modeling, combinatorial synthesis, evaluation, detection of bottlenecks, improvement/extension, multistage design, evolution and forecasting) (2013 ...)

2. Software Development and Appplied Projects:

2.1 DSS for multicriteria ranking (DSS COMBI) (1984...1991)
2.2 Multicriteria ecological analysis of Moscow manufacturing organizations (about 300 plants) (1990)
2.3 Hierarchical hypertext system (a general ontology-based system: design, modeling, implementation) (1986...1991)
2.4 Multicriteria analysis of quality in machine-building (analysis of requirements, design of testing schemes, selection of main system parameters/characteristics, multicriteria combinatorial models, implementation) (1983...1989)
2.5 DSS for hierarchical engineering design (1992)
2.6 Management information system for geology (database of oil-gas fields in Russia, Russian government; optimization planning; design and implementation) (1977...1980)
2.7 System analysis and planning in Moscow house-building (architectural system KOPE, planning for manufacturing and house-building organization DSK-2) (1981...1983)
2.8 Management information system (for government, for manufacturing organizations) (1974...1977)
2.9 Modeling, algorithms, software development, and system design for multidisciplinary system (Niemi-Antey) (1970...1974)
2.10 Processing of image sequences in physical experiments for turbulent flows (Ben-Gurion University) (2000...2003)
2.11 Basic programs for students (MatLab): combinatorial problems: multicriteria ranking (utility functions approach, revelation of Pareto-efficient solutions, Electre-like outranking technique), knapsack problem, multiple choice problem, clustering (2004...2006)

3. Educational Projects:

3.1 Information technology: Multicriteria analysis, selection and composing of system components (1995...1996)
3.2 Systems engineering / management (1997...)
3.3 Applied combinatorial optimization (1986...)
3.4 System design (2004...)
3.5. Combinatorial optimization in system configuration (2012...)

RECENT PROPOSALS for Russian Foundation for Basic Research

A Research Project "Multicriteria Combinatorial Models in Information-Communication Systems"
(initiated in 2004) ( English version, Russian version )