I. Dissertation text (2013):
  • Mark Sh. Levin, Typical Combinatorial Schemes for Support of Modular Systems with Morphological Model (in Russian). 2013.
    (1) Thesis: pdf-file
    (2) Avtoref (draft): pdf-file

    II. Corresponding electronic book in Russian, accessible in Internet since Nov. 2013:
    (i) site of M.Sh. Levin at Inst. for Information Transmission Problems (Russian Acad. of Sciences),
    (ii) site of bibliography on management for organization systems at Inst. for Control Sciences (Russian Acad. of Sciences)
  • Mark Sh. Levin, Decision Support Technology for Modular Systems. Electronic book. 341 p. (in Russian). 2013.
    (Changes: title, section 1, conclusion)

    III. Corresponding English book/monograph:
  • Mark Sh. Levin, Modular System Design and Evaluation. Springer, 473 p., 2015 (Due: Sep. 2014). ISBN 978-3-319-09875-3
    (i) Springer book site
    (ii) Book page in Amazon
    (iii) pdf-file: title, preface, contents (from Springer site)

    IV. Corresponding papers as extended abstracts:
  • 4.1. Mark Sh. Levin, Combinatorial support schemes for modular systems.
    Proceedings of 13th Int. Conf. CAD/CAM/PDM-2013, Inst. of Control Problems,
    Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, pp. 100-102, Oct. 2013 (in Russian) (electronic and print versions).
    (conference site with papers)
  • 4.2. Mark Sh. Levin, Towards Decision Support Technology Platform for Modular Systems. Electronic preprint. 10 pp., Aug. 23, 2014. [cs.SY]

    V. Official Comments of ISA RAS (Sept. 2013):
    (Some participants of the seminar at ISA RAS have said on their positive opinion on the dissertation work of Mark Sh. Levin)
    (Text: pdf.file)

    Some Comments of Mark Sh. Levin